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This wiki was created to better display the connections between individual concepts and people in my upcoming novel series of the same name.

Information presented here is accurate as of January 1st, 2480, after the events of the planned second title of the series.

Pages actively being worked on by the writer are as follows:

List of Presidents, List of Vallous Directors, List of Downey Terminal Directors, List of Masson Station Directors.

Masson Station, Downey Terminal, Vallous, Attenborough

Skylar Mercer, Paul Mercer, Esther Mercer, Nyreen Allison, Nolan Allison, Nikolai Masson, Matthew Masson, Evie Allison, Samuel Rosenthal

Notable Starcraft, Weapons and Protection Systems (including ScottTech), Federated Galactic States.

Pages of Interest

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